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Cyclotricity Stealth 1000w Dual Power Our Price:£1,199.00
Cyclotricity Stealth 1000w Dual Power

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The Cyclotricity Stealth 1000w Dual Power is one of our best electric bikes. Here's why we rate this electric bike so highly:

* Mountain bike style with dual power for road legal and offroad use
* Disc brakes, LCD display and front suspension
* 25-30 mile range in road legal mode
* 15 mile range and top speed of 30mph in offroad mode
* 1 Year UK warranty

To achieve a "Best in Class" rating then an electric bike has to have a good combination of innovation, reliability and price.
Best in class electric bikes

* Road legal 250w mode and 1000w mode for offroad
* 30mph top speed in 1000w mode
* Disc brakes, LCD display and front suspension
* 26in wheel mountain bike style bike

* Support: UK based spares and support

Extreme e-biking!
If you ever wondered whether or not you can de-restrict your electric bike to go faster than the usual 25km/h speed limit and use it off-road, oh boy you’re in for a treat! The ever so popular Stealth now comes in a new power boosted version allowing you cruise at 50km/h given it’s 48V 1000W system.

The UK/EU regulations dictate that an e-bike must not exceed the rated power of 250W to be road-legal. Which is not great news for the thrill-seekers, power hungry among us who want to have the occasional fun off-road yet still be able to ride sensibly and legally on-road. A purchase of the common high powered electric bike will come with its legal implications. On the other hand, the practicality of a road-legal e-bike means giving up the fun one could have off-road. So which do you choose?

CycloTricity had set out to resolve this dilemma and introduced the first electric bike range that combine both configurations! We have developed a unique system that allows the user to swap between two modes depending on whether you are on-road or off-road, allowing you to unlock the full power where it is safe and legal to do so. The bike will come preset to the road-legal mode of 250W by default. The dual-mode system is embedded in the LCD Dashboard which can unlock the full power of the system using a special code (this can be obtained upon signing the de-restriction terms of use). Please note that this is not the same as a de-restriction switch which has been questionable from a legal standpoint.

Ebikes |  Mountain Bike Electric Bikes

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